Anapolon 50 mg
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Anapolon is an oral steroid which contains 50 mg of the hormone Oxymetholone.

Anapolon 50 mg (Oxymetholone) is the best drug if an athlete needs strength. When an athlete is on the course, his mass increases, as water accumulates in muscle tissue. As a result, an athlete can gain up to 7 kg per course. Anapolon perfectly protects joints from injuries.

Benefits of Anapolon 50 mg

  • increased stamina
  • increased appetite
  • power growth
  • aggression increases slightly
  • weight gain.

Course and How to take

The course for the athlete should be limited to 6 weeks. The daily dosage for beginners is not more than 50 mg. Experienced athletes can increase the dosage to 100 mg / day. Anapolon begins to work the day after administration. It can be combined with Boldenone, which increases the effectiveness of the former. A combination of Anapolon with Anavar 50 mg or with Primobolan is ideal for those who are in the drying stage (maximum disposal of subcutaneous fat).

Since this drug has aromatization, it causes conversion to estrogens, and this, in turn, can give gynecomastia. In order to combat side effects, athletes use Clomid.

You can buy Anapolon 50 mg in the USA, Europe, Great Britain in our store at a low price with fast delivery. Since this drug has a high androgynous index, then after it is necessary PCT.

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