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Steroid Testosterone Cypionate has a long molecular chain. It is a fast steroid and it is excreted excreted from the body within 1 week. In our store you can buy Testosterone Cypionate in the UK, Ireland, USA, Spain, Italy, France in the form of injections.

A characteristic feature of the drug is water retention, which is not characteristic of many anabolic steroids. It is usually used during the period of muscle mass gain, and therefore it can be combined with other drugs.

Why you should buy Testosterone Cypionate 250 mg

  • quickly improves strength
  • after discontinuation of the drug, all collected fluid is rapidly excreted from the body
  • training endurance increases
  • fast muscle gain
  • increases libido
  • bone strengthening
  • increases appetite.

The drug aromatizes, and therefore side effects of the estrogen type are possible. To avoid side effects, just add Anastrozole to the course. If the course with this drug was long and difficult, then after the end you should separately inject Gonadotropin.

Application of Testosterone Cypionate

250 to 750 mg is recommended per week. To equalize the hormonal background, the drug should be administered per week, not with one injection, but with several. The standard duration of use of anabolic is 2-3 months. After discontinuation of Cypionate, PCT should be performed. For beginners, the drug will give a huge leap in mass, but advanced athletes should think about combining courses.

Bodybuilding Testosterone Cypionate Combination Courses

A good mass collection cycle is Cypionate (500 mg / week) + Oxymetholone. The second drug in such a bundle is enough to take 50 mg / day.

A good result will be from the course: Cypionate + Trenbolone Enanthate or with Parabolan, or with Nandrolone Decanoate, or with Boldenone.

If an athlete has the task of gaining only quality mass and not a lot, that is, a bunch of Cypionate with Primobolan, Stanozolol, Masteron.

Reviews about Cypionate

For people who are not yet familiar with the drug, we suggest that you read the reviews about this drug on our website. We are also written by many regular customers who are satisfied with the result of the drug used and its price in Europe, the USA, and Ireland.

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