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Deca is the most famous anabolic steroid since the 90s. The composition contains the active ingredient Nandrolone Decanoate with moderate androgynous action. It is used in bodybuilding for building lean muscle mass and a small increase in strength. Once, Deca was used in medicine, only then athletes began to actively use it.

What are the effects of taking Nandrolone Decanoate

It is worth considering that the Deca is a long ether. Anabolic activity of the drug is 1.5 times higher than that of endogenous male hormone. Androgenic activity - 30%. Here are the most important aspects of Nandrolone:

  • bone improvement
  • increase athletic strength
  • muscle growth
  • relatively safe anabolic steroid
  • aromatizes very weakly

An athlete may have prolactin levels elevated. If you also use Cabergoline in parallel, then problems can be avoided.

How to take and dosage

It is enough to put 200-600 mg per week. It is better to divide the injection several times. Thus, an even hormonal background on the course is maintained. Course duration: 2-3 months. The drug is fully included in the work only after 7 days.

The most common ligaments with anabolic

The best course: Nandrolone + Sustanon. At the same time, do not increase the dosage of the second above 500 mg per week. If Sustanon is not at hand, then the athlete can use any other long ether like Testosterone Cypionate.

The second most important course: Deca + Testosterone Propionate. The second drug is recommended to use 100 mg every second day. As a result, the athlete receives a high libido and a good increase in lean muscle mass. To this course, you can still add 40 mg every day of Dianabol.

Side effects

It is worth noting that Nandrolone is converted to estrogen by only 20%. The whole process takes place mostly in the liver. But, if the athlete exceeds the allowable dosage, then this eliminates the advantage of the drug. If the “solo” course is used, then antiestrogens can only be started when side effects occur.

Nandrolone has androgenic properties. For this reason, it is inherent in acne, baldness. Such effects are rare.

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