Dragontropin 100iu 10 vials
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Dragontropin is a growth hormone from the popular Dragon Pharma brand. The drug is available in bottles. Concentration at 10IU / vial. Packing: 10 bottles.

The substance is a synthetic HGH made using recombinant DNA technology. Used in bodybuilding in order to build muscle and get rid of subcutaneous fat. Suitable for athletes of any sports disciplines, since it is extremely difficult to detect a substance in the blood.  

How to take Dragontropin

It can be used both “solo” and with anabolic steroids. If the athlete wants to combine the drug, then the following drugs are ideal: Testosterone Enanthate (500 mg / week), Boldenone (200-400 mg / week) or Sustanon 250 mg (250 -500mg / week). As for anabolics, they should be used no more than 8 weeks.  

If you use Dragontropin together with Stanozolol (4-5 tablets / day) or with Oxandrolone (3-5 tablets / day), this will allow you to gain exceptionally dry weight. To this we can add the correct diet, enriched with protein, and the athlete will look like before the competition.

How to do injections

Dragontropin is injected with an insulin syringe under the skin into the abdomen at an angle of 45 degrees. Periodically, the injection site is best changed. If the growth hormone is mixed in saline, then store in the refrigerator for 72 hours. 

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