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GP Methan 10 mg
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Methan 10 and 50 mg from GP is an anabolic steroid. The active ingredient is methandienone. The substance stimulates protein synthesis, improves trophic tissue and helps to retain calcium in the bones. Also, there is a delay in the body of water, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur.

Methandienone is produced under various names: Dianabol, GP Methan. It should be noted right away that GP Methan 10 mg has the lowest price among its analogues.

The anabolic properties of methane are several times stronger than any other testosterone. Moreover, androgenic activity is minimal. It is perfect for increasing strength and increasing body weight. For 1 course of taking the drug, an athlete is able to gain up to 10 kg of body weight. In addition to tablets, there is also its injectable form.

Positive qualities of methandienone:

- due to increased protein synthesis in the body there is a rapid growth of muscle tissue

- increase in physical parameters

- bone strengthening

- low estrogenic activity, which contributes to water retention

- effect on adipose tissue under the skin.

Dosage and how to apply GP Methan 10 mg

The drug can be used only by men from 21 years of age and older. Who have no health problems. The recommended dosage is 30 mg. For a better effect, it can be divided into several doses per day.

Due to the fact that the drug loads the liver, it is best to use it after a meal. The cycle of taking the drug is up to 6 weeks. Since the drug interacts with aromatase, it must be drunk with any antiestrogen. This will reduce the likelihood of side effects and "rollback" after the abolition of methandienone.

Tamoxifen is used as PCT.

For beginners in building a body, methane alone will be enough. But for experienced athletes, there are stronger bundles of several drugs. The most popular bundles with such esters as: Primobolan, Deca 300mg , Trembolone, Testosterone Propionate.

Caution should be used:

- liver or kidney failure

- diabetes

- nephrosis

Side effects:

Nausea, abdominal pain, impaired liver function, peripheral edema.

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