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Halotestin 10mg is a powerful steroid that is capable of giving strength and aggression. It is often used in power sports: powerlifting, martial arts. Especially popular with him before the competition to reach the peak form. As for bodybuilding, in this discipline it is used to burn subcutaneous fat.

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Features of the drug

The active substance in the drug is Fluoxymesterone. At first, the steroid was developed for medicine, but soon, athletes found application for it in various disciplines in sports. The active substance looks like a testosterone molecule with modification in three directions.

  • high oral administration
  • has a pronounced androgenic effect
  • muscle hardness
  • muscle venous improvement
  • does not raise estrogenic activity. 

According to numerous reviews of HALOTESTIN 10mg, the drug reduces the risk of gynecomastia, estrogen concentration, and water retention.

Halotestin Cycle 

Dosage per day: 10 - 20 mg (30 minutes before meals). In this case, it is better to take the drug evenly throughout the day. The half-life takes 9 hours. Allowable duration of admission: 2 - 6 weeks. More use of the drug is not recommended, since it has toxicity to the liver.

For combination, the drug goes well with: Primobolan, Testosterone Propionate, Cypionate, Sustanon 250 mg.

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