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Buy Humatrope online in UK

Eli Lilly Humatrope is a growth hormone with numerous positive reviews from bodybuilders from the USA, Europe, Australia, Russia. And all because Eli Lilly produces exceptionally high-quality drugs. We offer to buy the original Humatrope with delivery to Australia, Ireland and any other country. Customer has payment protection. 

Humatrope Characteristics

It is worth considering immediately that the degree of purification of the substance is 98%. And therefore, a course of 2-3 months will be enough to bring the body in order and achieve a rejuvenating effect. The duration of the course can be increased up to 6 months. 

Effects of the drug:

  • increased ligament elasticity and bone density
  • muscle growth
  • skin condition improvement
  • increased stamina.

No professional athlete, besides anabolic steroids, can do without GH. After all, only by combining these classes of drugs can you reach the competitive level.  

How to take Humatrope Pen

For an athlete, it is enough to take 5 - 10 IU per day. For the prevention of injuries and recovery will be enough 2 - 4IU / day.

Packing goes on 16 and 36IU. A syringe is included in the kit so that a person can make injections. For each injection, 2 ml of liquid is required.

Injection is done only in the abdomen, pulling the skin. The injection site is desirable to change each injection. 

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