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Mastoral 10mg is an anabolic androgynous steroid from the Indian company Alpha Pharma. The active ingredient is Methyldrostanolone. This rye component is used in the drug and SUPERDROL.

Who is Mastoral for?

The drug is suitable for those men who want to lose weight by burning subcutaneous fat. There are no side effects of the androgen type. Thanks to the addition of some modifications to the formula, the active component is not destroyed in the liver. Due to this, Mastoral has a high anabolic index and low androgenic. 

Positive properties:

  • muscle preservation
  • increase in muscle density
  • reduction of fat under the skin up to 5 - 7%
  • increased strength and stamina.

This is a safe steroid that does not cause gynecomastia and impaired hepatic enzyme structure if the athlete adheres to the correct dosage.

Mastoral course and how to take

It is enough to take 10 - 20 mg per day for 6-8 weeks. Such a dosage is sufficient for a normal anabolic effect. Achieving good relief, fat burning and muscle drawing. More than 30 mg / day is not recommended, since then the risk of toxicity to the liver increases.

Many high-level athletes combine this drug with others: Nandrolone (Deca), Boldenone. Before using the course, it is better to consult with a sports doctor on the selection of dosage. You can combine the drug with Primobolan and Parabolan.

Mastoral for women

If the drug is used by a woman, the dosage will be up to 5 mg / day. At a low dosage, a woman will not have a risk of virilization.

Side effects

The steroid has no aromatization and estrogenic activity. That is why on the course there is no need to take additional antiestrogens. Even in people with high sensitivity, gynecomastia does not appear. Also, there is no water retention, increased blood pressure.

Storage conditions: Store in a closed, cool, dark place, out of reach of children.

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