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Oxymetholone 50 mg is a powerful steroid in tablets. It is used in sports if an athlete needs to quickly gain muscle mass and increase strength parameters. In our pharmacy FalconBody.com you can buy Oxymetholone in the USA and UK with delivery. 

What are the effects of Oxymetholone

The drug has the same active substance with a clear anabolic effect. Anabolic index = 320%. The drug also has an androgenic effect = 45%.

  • muscle gain
  • significant increase in power parameters
  • improvement of the joint-ligamentous apparatus
  • increased libido
  • an increase in red bodies. 

Since oxymetholone has a strong effect on the body, it is reasonable to use it for athletes of an average level and above. Side effects on the cycle are possible, but rare. If the athlete strictly adheres to the instructions for use, then no side effects occur. 

How to use and dosage of oxymetholone

The duration of the cycle on this steroid is from 1.5 to 2 months. It should not be taken longer, since the drug is alkylated so as not to create an additional burden on the liver. Daily dosage: 50 - 100 mg / day. If an athlete takes 100 mg / day, then it is safe for the liver and effective in terms of gaining muscle mass. 

For experienced athletes, the drug can be combined with others. Anabolic is compatible with almost any steroid. There is only one limitation: do not take 2 tablets at the same time on a cycle. One of the most popular cycles is Oxymetholone 50 mg + Testosterone Enanthate (250 mg 2 times a week). The duration of the course must be limited to 8 weeks. An aromatase inhibitor will have to be added to the course to reduce androgenic activity. For PCT, after the course, take Clomiphene citrate.

To enhance the effect of the drug, it can be combined with Boldenone or Primobolan.  

Price and reviews about oxymetholone

Reviews about the drug are mostly positive. It is worth remembering clearly that the dosage is observed, then no side effects will appear. The price of Oxymetholone in our store is the lowest in Europe.

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