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Parabolin 76.5mg is an inexpensive Trenbolone-based steroid. Ideal for athletes who want to build muscle. The steroid has anabolic and pronounced androgynous effects. Available in injection form in ampoules of 76.5mg. Due to its effectiveness, this drug is loved by many professional athletes. Side effects are possible. 

Positive aspects of Parabolin 76.5 mg

  • does not strongly retain water in tissues
  • the risk of gynecomastia is minimal
  • activation of growth hormone
  • at the time of admission, libido rises
  • strength indicator growth. 

How to use

The duration of the drug is up to 6 weeks. Before taking, it is better to check your hormones for reference values. Take no more than 300 mg per week. Since the ether is long, 1 injection is enough for 7 to 10 days.

To a large extent, the drug helps to suppress testosterone. And therefore, from the beginning of the 2nd week it is reasonable to include Gonadotropin in the course. Take before the end of the course. As PCT, clomiphene is usually used.

As for beginners, only 1 drug is enough for the athlete to significantly add to the mass. Professionals, for the most part, combine the drug with Nandrolone or Testosterone Enanthate. The duration of the course is increasing. The likelihood of shelves is also increasing. 

Side effects

The appearance of gynecomastia, priapism, irritation of the bladder, prostatic hypertrophy.

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