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Buy Primobolan in UK

Primobolan is the mildest and safest of the quality anabolic steroids of our time. Almost every professional bodybuilder uses it in training. The active substance of the drug is Methenolone. Form: injection. More common among athletes than pills.

The drug has a 2 times lower androgen index than in humans and only 85% of anabolic activity. By its properties, the drug is very similar to the famous Masteron. That is, this drug is its “lighter” form.  

It should be said right away that Primobolan does not give the athlete a noticeable increase in muscle mass, in contrast to the same testosterone Enanthateor Trenbolone, or Methandienone. Prima is a preparation for burning subcutaneous fat, preserving the gained muscles, strength, as well as the formation of a tight tight definition of muscles. 

Is Primobolan suitable for women?

It is worth saying that this drug is perfect for women of different levels of training. Also, for women, such anabolic steroids as Oxandrolone, Boldenone are also suitable. Used drugs by women in the competitive category.

For men, everything is standard: Prima + Winstrol injection.

Strengths of the drug:

  • for the period of drying saves muscles and power data
  • the muscles become stiffer and harder
  • low androgen index
  • does not interact with aromatase
  • lack of toxicity to the liver
  • suitable for beginners in reaching the terrain. 

How to take and dosage

As noted above, one should not expect muscle growth from the drug. But then fat deposits effectively go away. The standard course is designed for 6 to 8 weeks. 400 mg is enough per week. If you have the drug in tablets, then you will have to take the drug every day at 50 mg. Since the drug does not aromatize at all, there is no need to connect aromatase inhibitors. 


For PCT, Clomid 25-100 mg daily is ideal. Tamoxifen can be achieved by this (1st week of 30 mg, 2nd week of 20 mg, 3rd week of 10 mg). PCT start from the last injection in 2-3 weeks. 

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