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Buy Rexobol Online Uk

Rexobol is an anabolic steroid from the Indian company Alpha Pharma. The drug is produced in tablets. Active substance: Stanazolol. In our pharmacy, the price of Rexobol is the lowest among competitors. You can arrange delivery to any country.

Rexobol Efficacy

  • muscle drawing
  • increase in power indicators
  • burning subcutaneous fat
  • improved protein synthesis
  • no fluid retention in the body. 

Most often, the drug is relevant in the pre-competition period, when it is necessary to get rid of subcutaneous fat as much as possible.

How to use

The optimal dosage is 30 mg / day. The daily dosage is best divided into several doses. The maximum dosage per day is 50 mg. Course duration: 5-8 weeks. With prolonged use of the drug, side effects may occur. As the steroid cycle is completed, PCT must be done. 

The drug can be used with other anabolic steroids. The composition of the cycle can include androgenic drugs: Anapolon, Dianabol, Enanthate or Propionate. Such combinations are synergistic in nature and reduce the risk of side effects on the body. If the athlete is interested in obtaining a good relief, it is better to combine Rexobol with Trenbolone

Side effects

It should be said right away that the drug does not cause swelling, gynecomastia, but joint pain may appear. To minimize side effects, you can additionally include Deca or a little Testosterone in the course.

Another side effect of the drug may be an increase in blood pressure and cholesterol. 

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