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Testosterone Enanthate - A long testosterone ester. The half-life of the active substance occurs after 6-7 days. It has a pronounced anabolic effect and androgenic properties. Injections of the drug increase the synthesis of IGF-1 and growth hormone.

The only limitation is for those athletes who have sensitivity to estradiol.

Why Buy Testosterone Enanthate

If the drug is used “solo”, then for the course of admission you can gain up to 12 kg of weight. Of course, these will not be dry muscles, but liquid, which will gradually merge after the end of injections. Moreover, if you adhere to a strict diet, it is possible to gain a few pounds of good quality meat. If the athlete's task is to gain only muscle, then it is better to combine the drug with Turinabol.

In addition to mass, the drug perfectly increases strength endurance. Also, recovery after training improves. More blood enters the muscle tissue, and more joint fluid appears in the joints.

For good weight gain, it is recommended that you use Testosterone Enanthate for at least 10 weeks.


It is recommended to use Enanthate in a dosage of 250-1000 mg per week. Injections are best distributed throughout the week at different intervals. According to many athletes about testosterone enanthate, the average effective dosage is in the range of 500 mg / week.

The experience of taking Enanthate in Bodybuilding with other anabolics

Any competent athlete with experience in training and pharmacology will say for sure that if an athlete needs to get rid of subcutaneous fat, then another drug, Testosterone Propionate, is suitable for this purpose.

Here are some enanthate courses with other anabolic steroids:

Enanthate + Nandrolone Phenylproionate (200 mg per week).

Enanthate + Oxymetholone (100 mg / day) + Trenbolone Enanthate (200-400 mg / week)

 A very good combination for safety reasons with Boldenone at 600 mg / week.

If too much fluid accumulates during the course, then Anastrozole and Letrozole should be taken in parallel.

After course therapy

As 2 weeks pass after the last injection of the drug, you can start the PCT. Tamoxifen is recommended. Duration of admission is 21 days. The first 14 days at 20 mg / day, then at 10 mg / day.

Thanks to PCT, the athlete solves the following problems:

  • balances hormones
  • no rollback effect (cancellation)
  • sperm count reduction
  • protection against gynecomastia.

Side effects

  • decreased production of testosterone
  • temporary decrease in sexual activity
  • excess fluid
  • the appearance of acne on the skin
  • baldness
  • inhibition of the activity of the prostate gland.
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