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Oral Winstrol is Stanozolol in tablets, which still has the highest popularity among bodybuilding athletes due to its properties. You can buy Winstrol Oral from Maha Pharma in a dosage of 10 and 50 mg from us and not only.

The effectiveness of the active substance Stanozolol

Among other oral steroids, this one has a high anabolic effect. Its index is 320%. Androgenic activity is low. Here are its main advantages:

  • improves muscle relief
  • increases protein synthesis in cells
  • removal of excess fluid
  • venous enhancement
  • improvement of endurance to power loads
  • quick recovery after training
  • increases appetite.

How to take Winstrol in tablets?

The “solo” course of the drug is used only by those athletes who already have good muscle mass. This allows you to make the muscles more prominent and burn the remaining fat, expel water. This is usually done in anticipation of the competition.

If an athlete wants to gain exceptionally lean muscle mass, then it is good to combine it with Testosterone Propionate or with Anapolon.

The optimal dosage of the drug is 30-50 mg / day. Duration of administration: 4-6 weeks. With a longer intake, the joints begin to suffer, since the drug well expels water from the muscles, including the joints.

Other popular courses with other anabolics

Very popular is the Winstrol Oral course with Sustanon and Methane. This course allows you to gain only dry muscle mass and does not cause a strong rollback after use. 250 mg of Sustanon and 30 mg of Methandienone will be enough per week.

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