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Buy Injectable Winstrol 50mg 

Winstrol Injection is the trade name for the substance Stanozolol. It is an aqueous suspension with a high level of bioavailability and stability. The load on the liver is minimal.

The main parameters of Winstrol 50 mg:

  • low androgenic activity
  • Practical no toxic effects on the liver
  • not in the composition of aromatic additives
  • anabolic activity: 320%
  • androgen index: 30%
  • does not work with aromatase
  • has an antiestrogenic effect.

The septum paragraph states that the active component of the drug is not converted to estrogen. And therefore, the drug does not retain excess water, there is no swelling, gynecomastia. This drug is the most popular among all athletes of many sports.

What to expect from use

  • the appearance of muscle relief
  • pronounced venous network
  • fat cell reduction
  • increase in strength and endurance
  • globulin reduction
  • muscle elasticity.

How to take Winstrol

It is worth noting immediately that the course of this steroid is suitable for athletes with good body weight who want to highlight muscles. Injections can be done not only in the buttocks, but also in the quadriceps, shoulders, biceps. The optimal dosage is 50 mg / day. Duration: 4-6 weeks

The most popular ligament for drying: Winstrol injection + Testosterone Propionate (100 mg every other day). Significantly improves the quality of muscles and their fullness. To this cocktail, you can add another 250 mg / week of Nandrolone Deconoate or as much Sustanon 250 mg. This course will not only achieve dry muscles, but also their growth without the accumulation of water and fat under the skin.

The safest course will be Winstrol + Primobolan.

For muscle hardness and relief, you can try the drug with Trenbolone.

Side effects

  • due to the fact that the steroid removes fluid, joint pain is possible
  • slight suppression of testosterone production
  • pain with the introduction of the drug intramuscularly.

Reviews about Winstrol and where to buy

Remember that on this drug, athletes achieve very good muscle tracing. There are so many reviews of Winstrol in a good way. This is the best fat burner that allows you to save muscle. You can buy Winstrol in the UK and the USA in our store.

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